Spinnaker Group Reaches 150th
LEED Certified Project

West Palm Beach, FL (December 10, 2020) -- Spinnaker Group
was launched in 2003 from the home office of co-founders
Rob Hink and Virginia Snyder. The goal for their two-person
company? To provide best-in-class sustainable consulting
services to design, construction and operations teams to
foster improved human health, wellness and resilience for
buildings and communities. Almost two decades later, the
mission remains intact, and the company has made a
lasting -- and ongoing -- impact on the environment,
especially in its home-based South Florida community.

Last month, the award-winning firm reached and surpassed
a noteworthy milestone when two projects -- Paradise Plaza
in the Miami Design District and Seaboard Marine Port of Miami -- became the company's 150th and 151st projects to earn prestigious LEED certification by the US Green Building Council. Paradise Plaza achieved LEED Gold, while Seaboard Marine secured LEED Silver.

For more information on
these two projects:

Company President
Jonathan Burgess, a key
member of the Spinnaker
team since 2012,
purchased Spinnaker
Group from the
co-founders in 2018.
"We have achieved this
milestone through hard
work and the dedication
of our many outstanding
team members over the
years. I give a strong,
appreciative nod, as
well, to our culture of
customer service and
professionalism, and
extend our sincere
thanks to those many AEC firms and clients who trusted us to deliver projects that have each been exceptional, highest-quality examples of sustainability and green building."

In addition to the 151 LEED certified projects in its portfolio, the firm has more than 700 million sf of commissioned building space worldwide and 200+ projects in the pipeline. In addition to LEED, today's Spinnaker Group works with a wide variety of green building rating systems as anchors of its sustainable consulting services. Spinnaker's diverse team of design and construction professionals offers project management, energy modeling, fundamental and enhanced building commissioning, neighborhood planning, operations and maintenance consulting, indoor air quality testing, and lifecycle analyses for all types of building projects.

As one of the most respected leaders in the green-building movement, Spinnaker's rich and eventful history includes projects spread throughout the USA, South America, Europe and Kuwait. The firm's 151 LEED certified projects to date (more than half of which are either LEED Platinum or Gold) run across a broad spectrum of project types, from Healthcare, Education, Government, Ports and Neighborhood Development to Parks, Retail, Airports, Office Buildings ... and more. For a full listing of Spinnaker Projects, visit here.   

A decade-plus of sustainability and resilience consulting has also included assisting cities across Florida to develop green-building regulations and incentives for public and private sector development. Notes Burgess, "From our beginnings, our team members have been active volunteers and advocates in community, regional and national areas of respective interest. Educating the industry and broader community is the cornerstone of our work -- which we do even virtually during these challenging COVID times." 

Since striking out early in 2003 in what was then a pioneering role in South Florida's emerging green-building market, Spinnaker team members have had a strong track record of serving in volunteer capacities as leaders (e.g., committee Chairs and Board members) with local nonprofits and municipalities. The company has a strong corporate commitment to charitable giving to worthy causes within the South Florida community, the region and even nationally. "Part of being good community citizens is giving back. Corporate philanthropy makes a difference, enriching the lives of individuals as well as of those organizations that are the beneficiaries of our gestures of support," said Burgess.

"This is important work," concludes Burgess. "Our role as green-building consultants allows us to support the greater green-building community by participating in integrated conversations with some of the top design, construction, operations and maintenance professionals globally, and at the same time connect locally with the buildings' end-users to hear their personal stories about why going green is such an important contribution to making tangible progress tied to climate change, environmental challenges, wellness and resiliency. I am immensely proud of the journey we've been on, and I'm even more excited about what the future will hold for Spinnaker Group."

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