Seaboard Marine / Miami, FL

LEED Silver / October 2020
Spinnaker Services:
      Energy Modeling

Spinnaker Group provided LEED Consulting, Building Commissioning and Energy Modeling for this 12,822 sf Port of Miami Maintenance Facility for Seaboard Marine.

This project, with multi-purpose spaces, secured LEED Silver certification in October 2020. As a regional ocean transportation and logistics company, Seaboard Marine embraces a sustainable approach to its business, underscored by a strong commitment to reduce its carbon footprint and be an environmentally aware and responsible company.

Sustainable features for the project include:

  • Achieved 31% reduction in energy costs by installing energy-efficient HVAC systems, LED lighting, and daylighting strategies that included skylights on daylight sensors, bringing natural lighting to all workspaces and employees, while reducing the need for electric lighting.
  • Utilized a high-reflectance roofing material for more than 75% of the roof surface to minimize heat island effect.
  • Installed low-flow plumbing fixtures and achieved 37% reduction in water use.
  • Reduced potable water used for landscaping by 50% using efficient irrigation techniques and drought-resistant plants.
  • Utilized building materials totaling more than 37% recycled content; additionally, more than 21% were locally sourced.
  • All interior building materials meet low-emitting standards for Volitile Organic Compounds.
  • More than 76% of all construction waste was recycled and diverted from landfills.
  • More than 35 % of the building's electricity consumption was offset through the purchase of energy from a renewable Green-e certified energy producer.
  • The building utilizes green cleaning and pest control products and methods for ongoing maintenance.